Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Cards

Don’t you just love getting Christmas cards in the mail? I sure do. Have you started your cards yet? You better get moving, Christmas is just over 6 weeks away. Can you believe it???

I really enjoy receiving Christmas cards with a personal touch. This year I am going to send cards with pictures of my family. What better card is there for grandparents and friends than to see some of their favorite little faces bringing them holiday cheer. I have chosen a fairly simple card from Shutterfly. They have some great choices…some real cute cards. I wanted something that reminded the recipients what the season is all about so I am using this one that says “wishing you a Christ filled Christmas"… Don’t ya love it! Simply perfect! Go check out the selection…and while you are there, pick up some matching return address labels here… While your at it, hop over to the gift section…they have so many great gift ideas. I am loving the new wall art!

Oh and by the way, if you want to blog about all this great stuff you can get 50 of their fabulous cards for free!!! Check it out…

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